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You’ll soon understand why, when you’ve enjoyed some erotic flirtations of your own.Your calls can be thrilling and your experiences can be surprising & wonderful!” given his record of disparaging battle rap to which Ebro replies that he “was invited and paid.” Star also refers to Ebro’s on-hair co-host as “Rosenslob” before claiming he’s “gonna slap him in his mouth.” Erbo says he doesn’t “think [Star] would do that” before the former Hot 97 employee responds that “I would slap him dead in his mouth in front of you” and asks, “should I give you the slap? ” In June, Star took to his Live & Direct platform to condemn Ebro’s fellow Hot 97 Morning Show host Peter Rosenberg for their treatment of Public Enemy rapper Chuck D. A little slob on Hot 97, with no ratings, is now taking a shit on Public Enemy. Following the on-air comments, Star also accused Ebro of helping build the case against Lil’ Kim that sent her to jail.

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“The point is Chuck D is being shitted on,” Star said at the time. I’m not gonna say that he’s being shitted on by a culture vulture, culture robber.