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Hsv2 hpv dating services

You left an entire nation behind in the Rose Garden while celebrating a military deserter whose treasonous act you smiled at for all the world to see.You hold the proverbial hand of a traitor, but don’t have the character to do the same for deserving souls who consistently give their all to protect America. Astute, commonsense patriots, you were right all along.

We will – we MUST – survive this President, but God help us survive the people who still support this.” – Sarah Palin President Obama has no guts.

Have you spoken up for the likes of American sniper Chris Kyle or so many other fallen heroes? I said months ago (June 2, 2014 post below), “You blew it again, Barack Obama.” Read Bristol’s post for truth about Bowe Bergdahl.

(Bristol Palin article below) As Bergdahl’s father spoke his scripted Arabic greeting while Barack Obama nodded approvingly, I’ve never been more ashamed of a President’s action than this arrogant, destructive exchange of another stone in our foundation of freedom – for evil men who hate our freedom.

And if you weren’t already convinced Obama loathes the military, please note how he has remained strangely silent about ‘American Sniper’ and Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, even after Michelle let her opinion be known.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, a conservative champion, has always stood proudly with our men and women in uniform.

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