Ipod updating addresses

Posted by / 11-Feb-2015 03:49

The XPS technlogy uses three different ways to pinpoint your location which include the Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS), Global Positioning System (GPS), and Cell Tower Triangulation.

First off GPS is only available to users with a 3G, 3GS, or newer i Phone.

Below I will provide instructions on how to update the My Location setting for both an IPhone and an i Pod Touch and while the i Pod Touch requires a bit more work both are fairly simple considering all of the functionality that will be available to you again through the My Location setting.

The My Location Setting Is Obtained From The Hybrid Positioning System (XPS): The My Location setting is actually obtained through a company called SKYHOOK Wireless that has invented a technology called XPS or SKYHOOK’s Hybrid Positioning System.

Change My Location On i Pod Touch: The i Pod touch will initially attempt to set its location automatically through your wireless home router. The problem is that the XPS (Skyhook Hybrid Positioning System) technology used by Skyhook Wireless registers your MAC address and location based on what was initially configured in i Tunes I think.

After you move and even though you may update your contact details within i Tunes the MAC address of your home router will still be registered with the old address using the Wi Fi Positioning System (WPS) sub method of the XPS technology.

The Wi-Fi Positioning System is a database maintained by SKYHOOK Wireless of known Wireless Access Points and there addresses.

The contents of the database are obtained not only by end users entering data but also by a team of employees that drive around the world locating Wi-Fi Access Points.

Follow the directions below o get My Location on your i Pod Touch working again.This is the typical Global Positioning System you are familiar with that is used in so many different devices today.Cell Tower Triangulation is available to all i Phone users and means that your position is calculated based on your position to the closest cell phone towers and is accurate within 200 to 1,000 meters.Update Routers Longitude & Latitude In SKYHOOK’s Wi Fi Positioning System: While the above is a little bit complicated for updating the location of your i Pod Touch from your house it is well worth it for getting directions and because of all the other App Store applications that use the My Location setting.SKYHOOK Wireless has createed a really innovative service that makes this all possible.

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