Iwab0524e error updating axis deploy wsdd file

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Iwab0524e error updating axis deploy wsdd file

Once the Axis servlet is deployed, you need only to copy the jws file to the Axis directory on the server.

Current version (1.3) supports When a Web service is exposed using Axis it will generate a WSDL file automatically when accessing the Web service URL with ? An example for implementing and deploying a simple web-service with the C++ version of Axis can be found in the Axis-CPP Tutorial (link in the Reference section below).In the case that you are using another web container, custom WAR archive creation will be required . If you are running a custom configuration of Apache Tomcat or a different container, the URL might be different.Custom Web service deployment requires a specific deployment descriptor called WSDD (Web Service Deployment Descriptor) syntax.Note: I could not find a straight-forward answer to this problem so I will document my solution below as an answer.The main difference between an ordinary java file and jws file is the file extension.

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Another difference is that jws files are deployed as source code and not compiled class files. It will expose methods add and subtract of class Calculator.

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