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A few months ago I was blown away by some photos taken by one Victor Danell with a modified Helios 44 lens.A video that was filmed, it turns out, by an incredible robot arm thingy.In about one week, we will mark the anniversary of the most traumatic and violent piece of French history in the last decades.It's an age-old question: how are you supposed to get hired as a photographer when clients are only looking for photographers who already have experience?World-renowned photographer and entrepreneur Chase Jarvis has an answer for you. Photographer Justin Borucki spotted this facepalm-worthy e Bay posting this weekend and shared it with the folks over at Pop Photo. Take a look and tell us: what's wrong with this picture?Urban wildlife provides a bit of a bridge to that gap.Please, get out and see what wildlife you can find.” (via National Geographic via DIYP) The release of Microsoft's Surface Studio desktop made a big splash with the photo community, not least of all because of the stunning launch video Microsoft used to announce the innovative computer.

“Just like I would with a wilder place, I’ve built up a map of all the different places I could find and photograph wildlife,” Gregory says. It was really, really cool.” “Most of us will never see a polar bear, will never see a lion,” he concludes.

“Modern day society is so disconnected from nature.

Some of Gregory’s photos may look like they were shot in the wilderness, but he finds animals such as deer and falcons in the heart of cities like London.

talk in which photographer Bertie Gregory shares stories about his adventures in capturing wild animals on camera in England’s urban jungles.

National Geographic has selected the winning photos of 2016 for its prestigious Travel Photographer of the Year photo contest.

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The grand prize photo, captured by Anthony Lau and shown above, is titled "Winter Horseman" and shows a horseman at work in Inner Mongolia.

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