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Kissed dating hello blog

Joshua Harris was a pure-hearted young author who decided to date with a purpose and wrote about his journey to getting married.He wrote this incredible book, with great quotes and godly principles, but the biggest obstacle to the long-term success of this book was that many of the people who championed the cause had never gotten past the first three chapters or even the cover!

The presence of this girl gave me an incentive to attend even though the group was put on by some of the less popular kids in school.

It’s been close to 18 years and I still use my favorite quote of the book; I loved Harris’ principles and his heart, which was so clearly communicated in the book.

He expressed there isn’t a need to “date” until both parties were ready to begin a serious relationship, and having a friendship until that time is safer and can be more productive.

I was one of the many teenagers who bought into this way of life highlighted by Joshua Harris, but unlike most I actually read the book! The year was 1997, and I was in my senior year of high school. was to have a crush on a girl, we would hold hands, sit next to each other at lunch, pass some notes, share locker combinations, and after a couple of weeks or so move on.

I had never officially “dated” a girl, though I did have a few girlfriends. At the time, I had yet to recognize my fear of intimacy and my fear of rejection.

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In spite of this new turn in the Christian culture, I stuck to my guns.