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Law mandating auto parts availability

But, many people feel they just don’t know enough about auto insurance to compare the value of one policy to another. It’s a legal contract, all parts of which govern your coverage. About The Declaration Page Often spoken of as the Dec page (pronounced like deck), this is a summary showing your coverage at a glance.

However, understanding the main components will give you a good basis to compare different policies. The section of your policy called Coverages spells out in more detail what you are insured for.

A state survey of the auto insurance market found that rates charged by different companies –for virtually the same coverage—varied by as much as 50%. Still, studies say that a majority of consumers don’t shop around when buying or renewing an auto insurance policy.

This suggests that many people aren’t taking advantage of a competitive market.

Some consumers are probably happy with the policies they have.

Or, they are quite satisfied with the usual people who advise them what policy to buy. To some degree, all the parts of a policy are important. Most people don’t discover such misunderstandings or omissions until they have a claim, at which point they may lack the coverage they thought they had.

Tip: If you do not read through your entire policy, the single most important thing you can do is to look over the “Declaration Page” carefully when you first receive it. The Declaration page states the name of the insured party (called the insured) and other drivers specifically covered.

It lists the types of coverages you have, the limits for each (the most an insurer will pay if you have a claim), and the premium charged (the cost of a policy for the period covered.)Seven Main Coverages: In Vermont, an auto insurance policy is a package of seven main types of mandatory and optional coverages, each with its own premium.

When purchasing liability insurance in Vermont you must buy at least the mandatory limits set by law.

In insurance terminology, a limit is the maximum amount of money your policy will pay out, even if your losses are higher.

The sum of these premiums is the total cost of your policy.

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When you obtain a policy, you enter into a legal contract with an insurer to provide you the coverages specified for a determined amount of money.

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