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Marty m gulfport dating 1978

Nevertheless, I thank you for making contact; it was very generous and considerate of you to share some old memories with me. In fact I bought a History of Caroga Lake Book many years ago, and now I can't remember where I may have put it.

I hope I didn't leave it a I want to thank you most sincerely for looking me up, and directing me to the wonderful pictures you depicted in your Web Page.

Someday I hope to do the same, but at the moment I'm in limbo as to how to create such a magnificent page of Caroga and vicinities. We bought Joe Yack's Camp up the road from the Nest-O-Rest. I went to a yard sale at your camp the summer before last. Kathy is so pretty, and Kelly and Michelle look so much like her.

I'll try to dig up some pictures that I have laying around and scan a few for you as I'm able. We may have even crossed paths at one time or another. Was it your mom who showed me the rest of the camp? Great looking bunch of women you have in your life. I got kind of choked up looking through your family history.

Mike and Mimi (Biasini) Myzel were friends of my family, also. I have many fond memories of the beginning years of my life there. of 1942, I spent no more time in J'town except for a couple of months following my discharge in Dec. I spent the next 22-23 years or so in the San Fernando Valley before moving to in 1969. Your name does not ring a strong bell in my memory----I graduated from High School in 1938----are you in the same generation as I am?

I think that she was a very good friend of my Aunt Honey (Carmelia Di Spirito). My parents (who are now both deceased) were Kenneth and Lena Taddune. The photos depict you as a much younger person then me.

For the merry-go-round to be the first visual, nearly brought me to tears, what memories!! I have put up and continue to maintain 3 or 4 so far, free of charge, because mine are fairly simple, nothing too fancy, and at my age (pushing 80) I have little interest in going into business.

I don't have much time now, but I really wanted to thank you. If you like, you can check out the one I put together for the large local group of former employees of the company I worked for until I retired.

I did not have time to view all of them, but I also had a hard time getting myself to stop clicking for the next one! From the little note at the bottom of your Home Page I deduced that you do Web Sites as a business.I can't wait until this evening when I can really stroll down memory lane. I stayed up half the night enjoying your site and reminiscing. Click on: to see the little magazine I put together so we can continue to stay in touch.Have a wonderful day, I certainly know that I will. Tony, the most amazing thing is that I think my parents knew your parents. I ran into the J'town Web Site quite by accident but I was truly delighted to have found it.for some 15 yrs., Back then I also started a Saturday afternoon regatta of sailboats every Saturday afternoon, and on the 4th of July - fireworks and flares around the 's when he could dance with 50 girls on a week-end? We will make copies of the photographs and return the originals to whoever submits them.Wish I could remember names of places better, but out of sight - out of mine. With Love, A lifelong fan of Thanks for the e-mail and the great web site. I was surprised to see how much room there was upstairs. I was hoping to see a picture of Mr Yack as we have never met, although for the last 5 yrs I have sent him a short note each month with the mortgage payment. He is a local artist and paints what you have taken pictures of. I agree that there aren't many places prettier than the Date: 11/7/99 AM From: Rick Lilley To: [email protected]: Caroga Hi Tony, Just visited your web site. The name of the street where you live is certainly appropriate.

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I owned a camp on and was a Director of the East Caroga Lake Asso. My daughter just could not conceive of what it was like seeing it today. God Bless and please keep me on your mailing list as you make updates. I know Pat that lives in the brown camp on the corner, next to yours. Talk about cruising down " I hope when you are back home you will get a chance to meet me so that I may give you a guided tour. My wife, Ruth and I want to do one wall of the dance hall with photographs of people and Sherman's throughout the years.