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At the time of posting this blogpost about Michelle in Paris making her Lancôme video...

It is the generosity of sport that can be found in a certain number of initiatives aiming to invest in the workings of the disciplines themselves (sponsorship of the French Federation of Cycling), in a humanitarian and social framework, (Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque, Actions Dakar, Un Techo Para Mi Pais) or in the environmental sphere (Madre De Dios, selective sorting, etc.).

Some stats about him ;) Some info about their relationship (in English) Some info about their relationship (in French).

POINTS The green jersey will be rewarded to the leader of the points classifi cation.

Points will be given at the fi nishes of each stage as well as at an intermediate sprint on every normal stage.

Well it turns out that he is in fact a model, a former Mr Swiss candidate, from the canton of Valais.

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A truly international relationship, Michelle an American with Vietnamese roots and Dominique, a Swiss with Swiss/Italian/Austrian roots, they met in Paris and now Dominique moved to Los Angeles to be with Michelle.

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