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Ben* was not technically my boyfriend, a semantic distinction he dropped only once when he told me I was a “good girlfriend” before gently unclasping my favorite necklace and placing it on the side table.

Betrayal burrows into your nerves and sets up camp for the long haul.Its scattershot symptoms are hard to explain to a doctor when you’re not confident in exactly what is wrong, and it’s easy in those moments of sloppy articulation to feel like you’ve made it all up.I keep waiting for the fever to peak before I put words to this.It was there that I first noticed (without much concern) the status I granted him: I was a campus celebrity of sorts, and having me on his arm set him apart from the other boys in his class.He told me that they had just broken up, and much of my energy in the next few months went to answering how recently, and why.

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Not long after we started seeing each other, I was his date to AEPi’s formal.