Nis maps not updating

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Nis maps not updating

First, we need to set our NIS Gateway with a hostname and with a IP which permit to the NIS Gateway to communicate with the Active Directory world.

Here, we consider that the basic settings regarding the Centrify Zones are already done (just refer to the Centrify Quick Start Guide to do it).

I received a lot, I mean a lot, of requests after I had published my 3 last posts about the storage of NIS maps in Active Directory [ KUG – – AHi ] – The main problem was my posts are in French 😉 and a lot of people tried to use Google Translate to get it, but it wasn’t perfect.

), Microsoft announced it will not implement some Unix Services in Windows 2016 and Active Directory 2016 anymore, including NIS Services.

Through my different projects, I had meet a lot of organizations which are using mixt environment with Windows and Unix boxes and I can say the NIS usage is even nowadays very widespread.

English is not my native language, so sorry in advance if you will find some ‘bugs’ in the text.

As I explained in one of my last post (sorry again in French !

These organizations have a « IT history », from years, and a lot of very important information still remain in the NIS maps (automount, etc.) So, the goal is to use Kerberos/LDAP for authentication/authorization services and a NIS Gateway service which expose to NIS client the maps NIS which are stored in Active Directory.

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Using this way, we get the best of the two worlds, we can secure the authentication with Kerberos and the organization is able to continue to use the NIS maps for the legacy needs.

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