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Frankly, I think e Harmony’s compatibility testing is probably smarter and more relationship-based than Ok Cupid.The problem, of course, is that e Harmony took all the fun out of their questions and removed attraction from the equation.So you have Ok Cupid, which is fluffy compatibility pseudoscience based on physical attraction and common interests (as if mutual love of horror films has anything to do with anything) and e Harmony, which is undoubtedly deeper, but ignores the base human impulse to look up attractive faces.Most people I know are using Ok Cupid because it’s more fun, not because it produces better matches. Well, I guess I’m an opportunist when it comes to OKC’s matching.That clues you in to how the other person thinks and also gives you some clue as to their level of seriousness or humor.

This all makes sense in theory, but it falls apart in practice for this reason: . Most people – myself included – are wildly attracted to the opposite sex versions of themselves. Mandatory is TWENTY FIVE times more important than “somewhat important”. Because you could find a neat-freak who likes being the center of attention, but if he doesn’t believe in marriage, or doesn’t make a livable wage, or doesn’t believe in sharing household duties, it doesn’t matter.Sometimes when I reply to msgs with Dear John notes, if they’re clearly incompatible as in “Y’all got issues” in the tab, I just reply to the person that we’re not compatible. Particularly those with NO pictures or are “available” will start their message with “Wow, we’re 90% compatible” or some such.And When I reply with my Dear John, “You’re not what I”m looking for”, they’ll say “90% compatible is hard to find, maybe you should reconsider.” Frankly I personally don’t put much stock into the compatibility part but rather the “explanation” part. For this algorithm to work, people would have to be a LOT more self-aware about compatibility – and they’re not.

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Such commonalities may cause you to be more As such, that second pillar of the Ok Cupid algorithm doesn’t say much of anything – it only goes to show how narcissistic you are in searching for someone who is just like you.

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