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It is packed with great information including staying financially well during the holidays, online shopping tips to keep you safe, FICO Scores and Christmas gifts in a jar. Learn what herbs go with what, spicy combinations, recipe and menu ideas, amounts, equivalents, storage and more! There is sell by, use by, best by, discard by, expire by. , hearing, vision and orthodontia services, and safety and natural medicine. Check out this new resource sponsored through Idaho's Public Health Districts.With these funds, Idaho formed the Children’s Healthcare Improvement Collaboration (CHIC) and delivered multiple learning collaboratives which included: Pediatric Asthma, 2 Year Old Immunizations, Patient Centered Medical Home, Transitions, Adolescent Depression Screening, Preventing Childhood Obesity, and The Diagnosis and Management of ADHD.READ MORE/LESS In 2012, Idaho’s mission was furthered when CHIC facilitated the development of the Idaho Health and Wellness Collaborative for Children (IHAWCC) advisory board. Angie Beauchaine and others were instrumental in this process.Tips include information on prenatal and infant care, immunizations, postpartum depression, nutrition, oral health, quit smoking, safety, and more.Dream Boards, or Vision Boards, may help you reach your wellness goals. Check out the latest edition of the University of Idaho Extension Office newsletter, Family Issues, for November/December.Since the formation of IHAWCC, there has been a close relationship with the Idaho Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.In addition to the AAP, the board includes community representatives from the Division of Medicaid, Division of Public Health, Boise State University, St.Three free text messages are sent to your patient's cell phone each week timed to the due date or baby's birthday.

Luke’s Children’s Hospital, and Family Medicine Residency of Idaho. Luke’s Children’s has been approved by the American Board of Pediatrics to act as a Portfolio Sponsor.As a former Medical Director for CHIC and the current Chair of the Advisory Board, Dr. Luke’s Children’s accepted the role as the institutional home for IHAWCC advisory board and staff to continue to improve healthcare outcomes for children. This is a very high distinction that will aid the vision of Children’s and IHAWCC.We use local, state, and nationwide networking to address the healthcare needs and priorities of children.In 2010, the Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act (CHIPRA) awarded a grant to Idaho and Utah to improve health for Children and Youth with Special Healthcare Needs.John Ullery is an advocate for the health of Idaho’s children and continues to drive the improvements that Dr. The IHAWCC team includes an Executive Director, Medical Director, and two QI Specialists. As our current learning collaborative (Adolescent Immunizations) winds down, we are planning a project on Oral Health Integration to help prevent the burden of pediatric dental illness.

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