Orchard road dating

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Orchard road dating

Our stores feature some of the best fruit our region has to offer, as well as seasonal CT grown vegetables, including vine-ripened tomatoes and sweet corn.

Sunnymount began in 1965 when approximately 90 acres of mountainside land was purchased and planted as orchards.The Bethlem Gallery and Museum is situated in the original administration building at the site which has been radically redesigned to contain a permanent exhibition space, a temporary exhibition space for the Bethlem Museum’s collection and a contemporary art exhibition space for artists who have experienced mental health difficulties.We also grow peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots and pears.At Rogers Orchards we understand that farmers need to be responsible stewards of the land.Established in 1809, Rogers Orchards represents eight generations of family fruit growing in Southington, CT.

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A bicentennial farm, Rogers Orchards is a Connecticut landmark and a proud testament to Connecticut's farming heritage.