Pagdating ng amerikano harshad chopra and sriti jha dating

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Pagdating ng amerikano

Now, these surveys threaten to decide the final outcome of the election—assuming elections—whether they accurately measure the candidates’ real popular standing or simply create a false media bubble about them.

The surveys For the most prudent of reasons, I have never accepted as gospel truth the claims of the paid propaganda surveys on the alleged standing of our national candidates. I have a profound respect for scientific polling, but not for polls by fraudsters who make a killing every election by shamelessly proclaiming what 105 million Filipinos think of candidates they do not know, on the basis of alleged interviews with 1,200 respondents.

These are mainly “push polls,” “media call-in polls,” “biased interest-group polls,” all of which respectable professionals call “pseudo polls,” or “polls that stink.” They are fudged and manipulated.

Right to be first This is called Jus Primae Noctis, in Latin; Droit du Seigneu (French); Das Recht der ersten Nacht (German); Derecho de Pernada (Spanish); Il dirrito feudale (Italian); the Law of the First Night (English.

This means the right of the feudal landlord to sleep the first night with the bride of any one of his vassals.

Duterte Whatever your feelings are about the deliberately provocative Davao mayor, you have to admit he has generated an impressive following, even among those who, on moral and religious grounds, should canonically be rabidly against him.

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His recent statements on rape and killing have shocked and outraged many, but his fanatical supporters will threaten you with possible martyrdom if you attack him on those statements.