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Paramore band members dating

From Little Monsters to Barbz, Directioners to Lovatics, no respectable high profile pop act today goes without a catchy nickname for their adoring army of fans!We take a look at the meaning behind 35 fan pop nicknames featuring Justin Bieber, Rihanna, The Killers, Bruno Mars, Jessie J, Eminem and Mariah Carey.Buzzfeed have handily put together this list of 19 Signs You Are A Selenator. According to Urban Dictionary, a Directioner is someone who will stand by One Direction “no matter what.” Arguably the most loyal and frenzied pop fanbase on Planet Earth right now, the tens, maybe hundreds of millions of Directioners have propelled 1D into the biggest boyband on the planet.The name for Avril Lavigne’s fans comes from the title of her 2008 single ‘Black Star’ and the accompanying fragrance of the same name.

In August an unofficial Fanson film documented “Hanson Fans and how Hanson are the timeline of their lives...” Referring to Nicki Minaj’s former ‘Harajuki Barbie’ alter ego - the persona she took on way before she hit the big time - the ‘Super Bass’ singer calls her fans Barbies, or Barbz for short.

Her male heterosexual fans are called Boyz and her gay followers are dubbed Ken Barbz.

The big question is – which fan bases do you belong to?!

Lady Gaga herself is known as Mother Monster and her millions of fans are her Little Monsters.

A portmanteau fusing the Adam Lambert’s surname with his self-professed glamorous appearance, Glamberts follow the 31-year-old through thick and thin.

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In 2011 the Adam Lambert Glambert Fan Army even raised thousands of dollars to combat bullying in honour of National Bullying Prevention Month. Easily the most macabre nickname for a fanbase on our list, the Victims are the followers who have been slayed by The Killers’ brilliant music.