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On Twitter, Luntz said first that he didn’t have insider information.

Then he guided us to a post on, a website created for the Committee to Restore America’s Greatness.

Did Trump or his surrogates accuse Cruz of fraud in all these states? Cruz prevailed over Trump in the Iowa Republican presidential caucuses, the New York businessman maintained that Cruz had deceived voters in part with misleading mailers about personal voting histories.

We asked Luntz about the basis of all his bulleted states.

This ultimately totaled over 600 reports in at least six counties including Dallas County and Travis County.That’s a super PAC launched in December 2015 by Trump supporter and former campaign operative Roger Stone to back Trump and attack rivals, especially another aspirant at the time, Florida Sen. The post noted by Luntz touts the Trump Ballot Security Project which, the post says, is "investigating hundreds of complaints of voter fraud in the Utah Republican Primary won by" Cruz.The post also suggests fraud concerns in up to six additional states, starting with Cruz’s home state of Texas, whose GOP presidential primary he won.Only a week later the Kansas and Maine caucuses brought hundreds of more complaints including claims of double-voting by" Cruz "supporters." The post further says the project is "analyzing voter irregularities in Ohio and Hawaii.The Trump Ballot Security Project is committed to investigating all complaints of voter fraud.

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In the event a pattern can be determined, the seating of these delegations can and will be challenged before the Credentials committee of the Republican National Convention.

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