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Next to a drawing of herself as Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man (wearing clothing, of course), her arms and legs outstretched inside a square inside a circle, she wrote length 61 inches, wingspan equals X and completed an algebraic equation. ” Ada called, as if it was perfectly normal, “Testing my flying machine.” Miss Stamp replied, “Needs work I take it.” For which Annabella shot her an irate look. Cole poured Ada onto her bed which was in my Scapegrace room, nicknamed for all of the original owner Lord Bloodwood’s ornery nieces and nephews who would visit every summer. Knowing the book for forbidden, Ada looked at Miss Stamp for help, but she scuttled out of the room. Cole also felt the need to escape and offered, “I’ll get a cold compress.” No soul with a sound mind wanted to witness the tongue-lashing that was sure to follow. “Now I understand everything.” Ada took a moment to gather her courage. Calmly, Ada asked, “Is it so wrong for me to read my own father’s poetry?

With a ruler, Ada measured a pair of large paper wings attached to a harness then trimmed them accordingly. Currently, the room appeared to be a mad scientist’s laboratory dedicated to the science of Flyology. ” The question hanged in the air for what seemed like minutes (unlike Ada’s flying machine).

Ada paid no mind as Puff chased the birds dangerously close to the edge of the roof.

Still in her soft cotton nightgown, Ada’s long, wild caramel-colored hair tangled in the breeze. Cole picked up the girl and rushed her into the house. Cole carried her up the staircase, Annabella barked at Miss Stamp, “She fell off the roof! Girls do not fly.” With that, Annabella thumped Ada on the head with the silver-backed mirror.

He had been employed by Annabella for nearly seven years, attending to her many nervous ailments (we’ll explore more of those later). Cole glanced up from his Holy Bible to see the scattering birds. Miss Stamp pulled the broken wings off Ada’s arms while Ada rambled to herself, “My wings were directly proportional to the pigeon’s. Ada looked over at her and said, “I almost made it! “But tomorrow I’m fixing a pair of wings on a steam engine,” Ada said vehemently. ” But Annabella was gone and Ada couldn’t walk on her damaged ankle, making her consider her father’s clubfoot. Could it be walked upon without the assistance of a cane? What I can tell you is that she lived and breathed the future of computing. She had big ideas and wanted more than anything to touch the glorious promise of the years to come. I often dress up as Ada and travel to elementary schools, teaching young students about this amazing woman and teaching them about binary code. A companion I’ve spent thousands of hours with, writing my bio-pic screenplay about her and now, a young adult novel. Ada, shine bright today and lead the way for women all over the planet who want to excel in the sciences. All the boys sat in the first few rows, smiling, throwing things, wrestling. All the other girls are taking a class on fashion design, and I can’t say I blame them. Today, though, alone in the back of the room, she was crying. (wine) If you don’t know what Ada Lovelace Day is, I can tell you it’s a smashing celebration of women in science, technology and mathematics! On this day, men and women all over the web, choose one of their favorite women who inspired them scientifically.

Ada brought with her several papers and other materials she would need for her latest science experiment.

Ada laid on her stomach and wrote in her notebook entitled Flyology.

Ada strapped the winged harness onto her back and tied it tightly around her chest. Broken wood and paper wings in a multitude of shapes and sizes littered the floor. For seventeen years, Annabella anticipated this question, secretly hoping it wouldn’t be asked. Or, is a club foot a regular foot that appears to be beaten with a club? Cursed or not, Lord Byron was her flesh and blood – her father.

Don’t worry, I’ll say I knew you when,” she said to her kitty-cat. In my poppy garden sat Ada’s mother, Annabella and Dr. Annabella was in her early forties and had a fragile beauty to her, much like an aged porcelain doll. Ada prized her pigeon skeletons that sat on a shelf between her beetle collection and jar of mostly live moths. Cole removed Ada’s left boot, causing Ada to scream in pain. Annabella sunk her head into her hand as she sat on the edge of the bed. Appears to be just a sprain.” Annabella sighed with relief. “Lord Byron is so dangerous a poison, I do not wish his name to even touch your lips,” she said with a solemn certainty Ada had not witnessed from her mother before. He…” But she could not finish her sentence and simply left the room, taking the book Child Harold’s Pilgrimage with her. If only you could see me typing away on my laptop, blogging about YOU! So being the subject of the Google doodle proves her prophecy correct – such a smart girl!Puff trotted in the opposite direction, scattering the birds. Her features were small and delicate, her teeth nearly perfectly straight. Cole was a rather tall man in his fifties, with a receding reddish-brown hairline and wore a beard year-round. She herself boiled every dead pigeon she could find until just the bones remained. “She’s going to be hard enough to marry off without being a cripple,” she said. “She’ll need to stay in bed for a least a week, he said. Ada replied, “But Miss Stamp says he’s the most brilliant and handsome man in all of England.” Annabella’s fragile facial features grew severe, “He is a monster. Ada called to her mother, “Please, I need that book! If you don’t know Ada, you can do a quickie-Wiki here. To me, Ada is an unbridled spirit, incapable of accepting the status quo for women in the 19th century. She spoke up to the Royal Science Society and to anyone who would listen about Babbage’s engines. I walked in at 3pm on the button, having barely made it past the construction on Overland, and greeted my 12 boys and one girl, Darci. Darci is a thoughtful, often serious girl but grins widely when she answers questions correctly.After breakfast, Ada and Puff climbed out an attic window, reaching my rooftop.Ada thought today would be a fine day for human flight as a flock of pigeons soared through the overcast sky then landed on my uneven stone chimney.Her mop of spidery tresses belied the brilliantly organized brain beneath them. ” Miss Stamp jumped to attention and began to follow them up the stairs. Ada scrambled to make her point, “But Flyology will change the word! Annabella collected various books and handed them to Miss Stamp to dispose of when Annabella, using a handkerchief, reached for a dead crow on Ada’s shelf. ” and jumped up to stop her mother from taking the crow, but her ankle gave in and she fell short. Annabella stared at the book for a moment as a slow fury built on her face.

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