Polyamory married and dating twop

Posted by / 27-Jun-2015 04:19

It’s inevitable that Kody’s plan to have a commitment ceremony with his four wives — Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn — will backfire, when what’s supposed to be a spiritual statement turns into a bash for 200 people with custom-made designer gowns for the wives, a family mission statement, and lights strung across the street.

“If any of you misbehaves during our commitment ceremony, I’ll kick you out of the family,” Kody rants. Isn’t a commitment ceremony about bringing your family together, not blowing it apart?

The kids, to their credit, couldn’t care less about their parents’ latest time-consuming obsession.

I can hardly wait ’til next week when they’ll all gather ’round to watch their five parents each pour different-colored sands together to symbolize the blending of their 4-wife, 1-husband family. But then maybe the kids need cuffs to keep them from running away screaming when they see their mothers’ commitment outfits!

Then, there’ll be the planting of the symbolic Tree of Life in one of the family’s four yards, the obligatory signing of that family mission statement, and the donning of symbolic cuffs by all, emblazoned with a Tree of Life, designed by Robyn. There’s nothing worse for a child than a parent who’s trying to be edgy.

And really, Kody should have expected this when he and his wives decided that each woman would design her very own party dress and have a recent design school grad, Sam, create them.

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Kody is wisely struck speechless by Christine’s voluminous, yellow, black and pink princess dress, which even she admits is awful.