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Raiden fighters jet now updating

One big change is the medal system in Raiden Fighters Jet.

This "mega-medal" can be worth up to 2,048,000 points!The game even gives you a little evaluation at the end of a stage, like "Switching to a mission of medium grade." Even the number of stages you play in a single session depends on your performance.Unlike in the previous two Raiden Fighters games, where you play straightforward through seven stages, Raiden Fighters Jet has players progress through the game depending on how well they play.At the end of each level, you are graded on three things: ability, medals earned, and technical points.After you collect this "ultimate mega-medal," you have to get nine of the gem medals to appear on screen without collecting any of them.

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Once you have nine gem medals onscreen, the medals will all explode, signaling you that you are in the 100,000-point medal mode from the previous two Raiden Fighters games.

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