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Even though it’s only been going on for a few months, it’s significantly improved the relationship between sex workers and the police, giving them the confidence to report offences.This has already led to the conviction of many dangerous offenders.“The Government has put tax on everything else we do in life.If prostitution was viewed like any other job, I’m sure most sex workers would happily file tax returns.Wouldn’t it be a brilliant idea to follow Britain’s good example and create red light zones in areas notorious for prostitution?Selling sex has been going on for centuries, and now we can finally give sex workers some form of safety.It might even help to stop other related crimes like drug crime.If a red light zone means prostitutes will be protected from rape.

We should make it a legal profession, like they do in Amsterdam.The creation of a red light zone is definitely a step in the right direction.” This got me thinking.By Bunmi Sofola SOME months back, Britain’s first red light district was created in Leeds – an industrial city populated by working class blacks with a high rate of prostitution.From 7pm to 7 am, sex workers can operate without fear of arrest, as long as they stay in the designated area.The scheme hopes to protect sex workers who’d been plagued with arrests by the law enforcement agents and physical abuse by their ‘clients’.

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