Reviews of pre dating

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Reviews of pre dating

This time around there’s simply a larger concept (a horror/fantasy story that’s as anti-Christian as any of the band’s previous works) to the lyrics.opens this musical saga, and it does so on a very powerful note with the monster “Hell’s Disciples.” Shortly after, “Valley of Blood” and the title track get to the heart of this album’s sound (and that of the band itself).Fans of the previous two Satan’s Host albums will find a lot to like here, and the albums should also appeal to fans of Accept, Judas Priest, Attacker, and of course Jag Panzer. If hard-hitting old school Heavy Metal is your thing (and you can handle the lyrical content), Satan’s Host is a band that you’ll want to hear.

The songs after that run together a bit, but the album ends on a very enjoyable note with an inspired cover of the Grim Reaper classic “See You in Hell.” The musicianship is strong throughout the album, and Conklin sounds as powerful as ever.

The flaw with both of these albums is that you can point to one or two songs that feel like filler, and once you do that you’re left with what really could have been a single album full of “A” material instead of two separate shorter releases.

If you’re familiar with the previous two Satan’s Host albums (2011’s ), you know more or less what to expect from the Pre-Dating God albums.

The band’s sound remains an intense mix of Traditional, Power and Thrash Metal with machine-gun rhythms, blistering riffs and of course Conklin’s soaring, screaming vocal range.

Genre: Heavy Metal, Traditional Metal Lineup: Harry Conklin (v) Patrick Elkins (g) (b) Anthony Lopez (d) Track Listing: 1.

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Satan’s Host formed way back in 1977 as a classic American metal band not far removed from Priest and Maiden.