Ronda rousey dating henry akins

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As in ''I promise not to hit you like my current wife'' ring? Ronda, who is pictured with Selena Gomez (L) and Cecily Strong (R), sparked rumors that she was engaged to Travis after she wore a diamond ring to host Saturday Night Live last weekend The fitness model, who accused Travis of assaulting in her July, shared photos of herself with a black eye, bruised knee, and black-and-blue arms - all of which she claimed where the result of her husband's physical abuse.

After Ronda's SNL appearance, Jenna Renee used the photo of the ring to congratulate Ronda and Travis for being open about their relationship, but she quickly reminded the world that she and her estranged husband are still married.

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While the two looked distracted as they headed to the airport, their hand holding appears to be telling the world that they are still going strong.Those are the kind of things you remember and talk to your friends about later, "Remember that time when it was so hot outside and she had us run sprints in the gym and then we did all those leg lifts and exercises?I was hoping the sponsoring teacher would call me at the last minute, as had happened several times before, and cancel class.It was over 80 degrees, and paradoxically, I thought it would be a good day for an extra hard work out.Of course, when you're the teacher, you can't skip class, so I had to show up.

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