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A source close to Taylor tells Hollywood exclusively, “mutual attraction has led to some hangouts but they are not exclusive.” That isn’t so bad, and while the source does state that “she is in it more than he is,” the main reason a full-blown romance hasn’t sparked is Taylor and Matthew’s conflicting schedules.

So we’re not quite at a song-writing-alert level yet.

Sarita and Rosita’s striptease on IMPACT WRESTLING Hot photos of Sarita posing for TNA Bikini photos of Sarita Photos of Sarita in the ring for TNA 200+ Photos Of Sarita SEXY NEW HOLIDAY PHOTOS OF SARITA SARITA WINS BIKINI FITNESS COMPETITION The internationally acclaimed grappler had a quiet 2012 in TNA Wrestling, particularly after the dissolution of the Mexican America stable.

The summer prior she was briefly setback when she was afflicted with a case of facial paralysis; she began wearing a protective mask to hide the debilitating condition.

During this time, she and partner Rosita feuded with Miss Tessmacher and Tara over the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship, but were unsuccessful in snatching the gold.

At Turning Point, Sarita, Anarquia and Hernandez faced Jesse Neal, Shannon Moore and Toxxin in a Six-Person Tag Team match for the TNA World Tag Team Championship; the raven-haired beauty secured the straps for her men by pinning Toxxin.

“They have a distance and different schedules to worry about,” the source says, “so he is looking out for his feelings and hers and treading lightly.” But Taylor — and fans hoping for a Matthew Gray Gubler romance — should be hopeful, as the source also adds, “Stuff is brewing.” “They are definitely going to try to hang out this next week or two as she’s in Los Angeles for her tour,” says the source. The potential is great but we’ll see.” The world was alerted to a possible romance between Taylor and Matthew when he tweeted that he was heading to New England — where Taylor lives — for the Fourth of July, and then posted a picture of himself wearing the same American flag face paint as Taylor’s.

They were given another title opportunity the following month at Lockdown, but were bested again, this time in a steel cage.

Sarita, whose real name is Sarah Stock, caught the attention of fans during an impressive series of bouts against Alissa Flash in the summer of 2009 …

Teamed with Taylor Wilde to win a tournament to crown the first Knockouts Tag Team Champions, beating Flash and Daffney, Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed, and “The Beautiful People” …

Held the tag belts for three months until dropping them to Awesome Kong and Hamada in January …

And with Matthew watching out for her feelings and wanting to take things slowly, she may have found the right guy.

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Then again, she does seem to get herself into romances that are born to fail.

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