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Senior year dating sim

As of 6 months later, I have received of that 0 bonus. Also, my first ever job was a one-day twelve hour shift on New Year's Day- I was supposed to get paid time and half. I assured them I had been awake the entire time (overnight).

They told me they'd 'investigate further' and then never called me again- even though I had been in constant daily contact with them (when unstaffed) for close to 6 months, working overnight with no complaints whatsoever of sleeping on the job (with plenty of nursing staff at the home to tattle on me) and the three clients I had been with LOVED me and made a point to tell the agency for me. 10 additional unreturned phone calls in the meantime.

As for the agency in our area I can honestly say every reference is checked, all backgrounds are done annually and everyone is paid the stated amount for services provided.

I am sorry to hear you had such an unfortunate experience at your office.Please keep in mind every office is independantly owned and operated therefore not all locations operate like your did.I suggest you take your complaint to the BBB to see if you can resolve the dispute peacefully and professionally.Sounds like they got rid of you after you continued inquiring when they knew you were looking to receive what they advertised and what they told you how much you were going to be paid.Out of the or so dollars your agency charged, the majority of it is the employee wage, then the insurance, bonding, rent, office employee wages, admin fees, and other costs of doing business (there are many). :)Avoid Like The Plague, I'm so sorry to hear that you had such terrible experiences from this company. I do know the standards are to get cases filled with any BODY, trained or not, as this is how they all make their money.

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After everyone else gets their cut, the franchise owner then gets what's left over. They are ALL franchises that are spun off from ONE model and they are networked together.

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