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“None of it’s true,” he said in a telephone interview Oct. “I’ve heard from several people who read that book and asked me about it but I can assure you none of that happened.” But shown the documents from the National Archives last week, Gilless acknowledged his signature on an urgent letter to J. “Apparently I had some contact with him (Elrod) because I wrote this letter and signed it,” he said.“But in those days I processed many, many people through this jail.” Gilless’s letter to Hoover was itself unusual, Gilless says: “I wrote that letter apparently directly to Hoover, and I don’t know why I did that, rather than call the local office.In fact, the local Sheriff was impressed enough with Elrod to bypass the local FBI office and writes directly to Hoover. Kennedy was killed, according to a new book on the case, Oswald Talked: The New Evidence in the Kennedy Assassination.Unfortunately, the FBI took a somewhat different attitude about Elrod’s story. Thirty-three years later, Gilless, now sheriff can’t recall the incident but says that, under the circumstances, he’s surprised he can’t remember. Among the revelations: Oswald knew his own killer, Jack Ruby.We are sorry, but we are unable to process your request because Java Script have been disabled!CLICK HERE when cookies and javascript will be enabled!According to Elrod, Oswald said Ruby was part of the gunrunning ring, as was another man paraded before the jail cell bars for Oswald to identify, authors Mary and Ray La Fontaine say in their book.A Dallas police report released to The Commercial Appeal under the Freedom of Information Act says Elrod was arrested Nov. “on railroad tracks a few minutes after a radio call was dispatched that [a] man was walking along railroad carrying a rifle.

John Franklin Elrod Commercial Appeal Article: This is an interesting article from the Memphis Commercial Appeal, about John Elrod and how he was factored in with the Kennedy Assassination Investigation As you read the article, notice that the Sheriff’s office specifically stated that, “Elrod was sober” when he came to them, and that they were impressed enough with him to tell the FBI that he had “information of value”. What Elrod told Gilless and then the FBI could go far in debunking the official explanation of Oswald’s televised murder two days after President John F.I don’t know why I don’t remember that.” Gilless’s letter to Hoover reads in part: “This subject walked into our office at approximately a.m.They falsely claimed in their report, that Elrod wasn’t even in the Dallas jail on11/22/63, and they tried to create the impression that Elrod never mentioned Oswald’s name, only referring to an “unnamed cellmate”. 11, 1964, just after midnight, a troubled man stumbled into the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department in downtown Memphis, carrying a sawed-off shotgun. John Franklin Elrod gave his story to a sergeant on duty, A. According to the book and documents now available from the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, Elrod was Oswald’s Dallas cellmate between the time the accused assassin was arrested and the time Oswald was shot to death by strip-club owner Ruby while being taken down to the garage of the Dallas County jail.Of course, the Sheriff’s report, as well as a recently discovered internal FBI memo confirmed that they were fully aware that Elrod was talking about Oswald. The book indicates Oswald was probably an FBI informant who’d infiltrated a Cuban exile group that was buying stolen guns in Texas.This man was not carrying a rifle at time of arrest.” He was charged with “Inv. Vag.,” apparently investigation of murder and violation of the county vagrancy law. What he heard Oswald say in jail about Ruby and the gunrunners is the subject of the book that stars Gilless in a cameo role.

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Gilless’s original reaction to hearing of his involvement in the controversy was to say the Elrod incident never occurred.

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