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His fiction serial, The Prophet Hustle, is available at Juke You can read his short story "Downtime Downrange" written for The War Writer's Campaign here:

The sentient android has been a staple of science fiction for a long, long time.However, outside of Star Wars and Star Trek, perhaps the most famous human-like robots came from the mind of Philip K. So, it’s only fitting that one of the most advanced artificially intelligent androids is literally made in his likeness. Dick Android Project started working on it’s creation: a thinking, learning, android version of the venerated sci-fi author.The team uploaded all of PKD’s written work, interviews, and conversations he had with other writers.“The android itself involved several technical and scientific obstacles, however the ultimate aim was as a work of art, a sort of robotic portrait,” the project’s website says.A reporter from PBS’s sat down to have a conversation with the android, who gave surprisingly human answers.

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Yet the most remarkable moment comes when he made a joke.

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