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I have up to date pictures from my cousins mission trip to Guatemala, baby pictures within the hour of birth, prayer requests,my former students talk to me about what college their attending and so much more fun stuff. A few months back my husband came home from work and told me about how he had asked the wife of an old high school buddy if her husband had email(on Facebook).

She went on about how she was sexually abused and abused by him and then she remarried someone else and he sexually abused her daughter. I told my husband to be careful because she was giving too much intimate information and she could be trying to suck him into her life.“You are my sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy when skies are blue you never know dear how much I love you…” Jack This is where I called him and told he was a cheat and yelled at him. I messaged her on his account and told her that she needed help but not from anybody’s husband. We have been doing the “Love Dare” challenge and other marriage devotionals.I stopped breathing for a second, I felt my whole world spin out of control. “I’m sorry you’re hurting” my husband we will call him Jack (not his real name) “I hurt all the time, people have said they love me but they don’t really.” the woman I will call her Sue (not her real name) “I love you” Jack “I wish I was with you, I have been hurt so much” Sue “I just want to hold you in my arms and carry you close to me” Jack “You are my everything. He learned his lesson and today our marriage is healing.I want to make everything alright for you.” “I wish I could hear your voice right now and feel your arms” Sue “I’m singing to you right now. It hurts and I still wonder about what I can’t control, but God helps me daily. This woman needed help, but not help from my husband. I forgive her and my husband, but it will take along time to trust and to heal.After awhile I started having this strange feeling that something wasn’t right.

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I had my husband’s password to his account (because we trust each other and wanted to be accountable) on Facebook. How could he do this to God, me, to us, to our kids?