Singapore gay dating sites Phone sex sites with chatrooms

Posted by / 10-Apr-2015 20:07

It’s simple to use and the interface is cute, but it’s yet to catch on in the same way as the other apps.Manhunt, the app from the popular gay website, makes Grindr look positively pure.

These five apps should have you covered wherever you head to.The sugar daddy of all gay apps, and one that even straight people have heard of.More popular in Asia, Jackd is less in-your-face sex than Grindr.The user interface allows you to upload multiple pictures of yourself, and there are categories to fill in such as your favourite movies, books and music, for example – more than just physical statistics.Different apps are popular in different countries, and what may be the one that everyone uses in your own country may not have even been heard of elsewhere.

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So, which apps should you use if you’re wanting to meet gay men?