Space kitting dating

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Space kitting dating

The success of manufacturing industries in the present globalized and strong competitive market has forced the industries to change the ways of doing production processes and business.

To have a better advantage over competing firms, manufacturing managers attempt to transform their organization by implementing some familiar and beneficial management techniques like Just In Time (JIT), Lean Manufacturing , Kitting Manufacturing , Agile Manufacturing , and Total Quality Management etc.

This demonstrates that the adoption of LK is best suited when a fixed changeover time environment exists.

It offers all the advantages of Terra's industry-leading desiccator systems: airtight, noncontaminating seals, a complete line of standardized accessories, and the most advanced humidity control systems available.

Two mathematical models (Type I and Type II) have beendeveloped to find optimal batch size by considering general Inventory cost equation.

Type I model considers carrying cost and storage cost.

This work proposes a suitable assembly method for a Multi Product Single Conveyor Assembly line of a leading two wheeler manufacturer in India.These features minimize nitrogen consumption and, more importantly, extend the shelf lives and yields of stored components.Type II model considers carrying cost, storage cost and purchasing cost.The models result in the optimal batch size with a fixed changeover time.Conventionally all the assembly processes use line side assembly system in which the raw materials for assembly are kept along the sideways of conveyor line.

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Based on the results of the above MCDM models, the next stage of this work is concerned with component kitting problem.