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Speed dating langley

Construction progressed and the carrier entered the water on May 22, 1943 with Louise Hopkins, wife of Special Adviser to the President Harry L. Re-designated CVL-27 on July 15 to identify it as a light carrier, entered commission on August 31 with Captain W. USS Langley (CVL-27) - Joining the Fight: Following additional training in Hawaiian waters, joined Rear Admiral Marc A.

Responding on October 25, Bu Ships stated that such conversions were possible and, while the ships would have reduced capabilities relative to existing fleet carriers, they could be finished much faster.

Maintaining their original cruiser speed of 30+ knots, the class was significantly faster than other types of light and escort carriers which allowed them to sail in company with the US Navy's fleet carriers.Due to their smaller size, the -class carriers' air groups often totaled around 30 aircraft.USS Langley (CVL-27) - Design: With World War II raging in Europe and rising tensions with Japan, US President Franklin D.Roosevelt became worried over the fact that the US Navy did not expect any new aircraft carriers to join the fleet prior to 1944.Prior to construction commencing, it was designated for conversion to a light carrier.

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Laid down on April 11, 1942 at New York Shipbuilding Corporation (Camden, NJ), the ship's name was changed to (CV-1) which had been lost in combat. After conducting shakedown exercises and training in the Caribbean that fall, the new carrier departed for Pearl Harbor on December 6.

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