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Controversy was making construction in urban areas more difficult.

And the press regularly repeated tales of alleged corruption and bungling that the former President considered "almost hair-raising." A sympathetic article in Now critics are proclaiming it "our great big highway bungle," a "nightmare," a "rat hole" of waste and extravagance, and a scandal of such potential that Teapot Dome [an influence peddling scandal under President Warren G.

Even as construction moved forward at a record pace, a looming fiscal crisis threatened to derail the schedule, if not the program.

They were from different generations and political parties, but President Kennedy-the first President born in the 20 century-shared President Eisenhower's concern about the future of the National System of Interstate and Defense Highways.

Harding during the early 1920s] will be peanuts by comparison.

President Kennedy would have to address these issues before calls to end the Interstate program grew too loud to ignore.

The new Federal Highway Administrator would be Rex Whitton.

His career with the Missouri State highway agency had begun in 1920 when he accepted a job as a levelman at 0 a month, plus field expenses.

Whitton represented AASHO in Congress during this critical year, as well as overseeing revision of the geometric design standards for the Interstate System that had been approved in 1945.

The new edition was approved July 12, 1956, and quickly adopted by the BPR.

He would need help from the Department of Commerce, which housed the U. Bureau of Public Roads (BPR), the agency responsible for administering the Interstate program. Hodges of North Carolina to be Secretary of Commerce.

Hodges, who had worked in textiles with Marshall Field and Company, had been elected Lieutenant Governor in 1952. Umstead died in November 1954, Hodges became Governor and was elected to a full term in 1956.

Nevertheless, he maintained cordial relations with the incoming President through the freezing temperatures of Inauguration Day, January 20, 1961.

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Eisenhower took the defeat of his Vice President personally, feeling it was a rejection by the public of all the Administration had accomplished in its 8 years.

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