Teen survival guide to dating relating Sex face to face chats

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Teen survival guide to dating relating

The chapters on friendships and parental relationships are next to the chapters on intimacy and sex.This poses a problem because parents might want their younger teens to read about siblings, but not about sexual intimacy.The creator of an award-winning Web site helps teens and young adults build healthier relationships with everyone in their lives-including themselves.(2005), by Annie Fox, thoughtfully delves into important teenage topics – including self-image, relationships, sex, family, and authority figures. However, that seems to be the goal of the book: to normalize the teen experience.A student-written review of this book can be found below. It uses a question and answer format with a humorous tone. The Q&A format attempts to draw in the reader, and the answers are very general, so the advice is broad-based rather than question-specific.However, these chapters are still full of solid advice.Overall, this book is a good basic resource for teens.The first chapter – titled, "Me, Myself, and I" – seems to be directed at a rather young audience, possibly even preteen.

I would rate this book a four for helpful advice, even though the book is short and does not go into much depth.The book also features many resources – both online and offline – that are valuable for teens looking for more information.The book discusses the typical array of topics you would expect in a teen advice book: self-image, friendships, boyfriend/girlfriend relationships, sex and STDs, parents, siblings, and authority figures. One of the best features of the book is also its pitfall: its breadth.It is great that the book gives guides and advice on so many topics, yet this wide range limits the audience.The fourth chapter deals with sex and intimate relationships, a topic big enough for its own book.

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The chapters on friends, parents, siblings, authority figures, and conflict resolution are shorter and much less in-depth.

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