The game and eve dating

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The best thing about Eve is the combat though, it's ultra-brutal with severe consequences for dying.

The economy is incredible - there's stock markets, corporate shares, that sort of thing.

been playing eve since 2004 or so, couple of accounts.

so 6 alts, 4 of which do things, 2 of which check pricesif people are new to eve, message me (no restrictions on who can do so) and let me know their main avatar name, got the odd spare ship and might be able to help, at the very least if on uk time or close to it, could help with missions for the newbs :)play a lot of games, can do combat or chill out when a bit too tiddly to play halo CE or COD4 :)tried to send u a detailed messagegot You, your corporation, or your alliance has been blocked from that recipient or mailing list (Mode: Disallowed)not in an alliance yet... not actually in the game, took a break about 6 months ago when CC got refused, some friends want me back in the game as they covet my orca and boosting skills :)guess ask around in local and check the forums, currently my one of my alts is in jovian labs and the jove alliance, but there are lots to play with EVE Online baby!

Representing Nulli Secunda Alliance and the 101SMF!

Been a player since 2007 now, but haven't had a chance at the game in almost a year because of the Navy..well, such is life..least my buddies have been keeping up with training my characters for me. I'm going to be seeking out a new mmo - after my game decided to switch to F2P I gotta get out of there, may end up trying this game.

Come on, I can't be the only loser addicted to this game on POF. Such brutality, such wanton carnage and release of human vice. In Wo W terms, imagine dying and losing all your epics, and dropping 2-3 levels. Hey hellgremlin, the worse that will happen if you die in cox (that's what both games are in one acronym), you'll just get some debt that's easy to work off.You only earn half xp until the debt is worked off by playing the game....does anyone notice that #1, this is a dating site, and #2 ...Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Not like Wo W, where if you die, you run back to your corpse as a ghost and respawn with a little bit of item damage.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... In Eve, when you get shot down, you lose the ship you were flying, and the modules equipped on it - and are ejected in an escape pod.

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^.^Oh and Skyrim is the current thing keeping me from [Skyrim] eats peoples' lives! And speaking of games available on the PS3 and related to EVE, who here is excited for DUST 514? What's the deal though, you only have a ship as your character?

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