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Top carrots dating

Heavier soils are okay for half-long or round types.

In response to frequent requests for carrot-growing advice, Johnny's carrot-growing team has developed a set of recommendations, starting with these four key elements of carrot culture: Bed Preparation, Spacing, Weeding, and Watering.

Give your carrots a good start by preparing the bed in advance.

Carrots prefer well-drained, deeply-worked soil: preferably to an 18" depth for the longer varieties, though a shallower depth may suffice for shorter varieties.

Carrot seeds are also elongated in shape, and ridged with spines.

Even seasoned growers can find them one of the more challenging crops to grow.

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With their radiant colors, diverse shapes, sizes, and culinary versatility, things would seem amiss if there were no carrots on offer at the vegetable stand.

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