Toshiba portege updating drivers

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At this point you’ll be given an error message saying your hardware is not supported.

I’ve had a Toshiba Portege M200 tablet PC for about 2 years now and one of the most frustrating things is that Toshiba hasn’t updated the display drivers so I’ve been trapped with v46.44 even though Nvidia’s latest release is up to v84.21! With the officially released Toshiba supported version of the driver, there are tons of perf issues and bugs around different refresh rates when you use a docking station. Hit OK in the Nvidia setup to get it out of the way. Extract nv4_from the zip file you got in step #1 to the new location in Step #6 (eg. You will be asked to overwrite the existing nv4_— say Yes. Open up Control Panel now, and go to System, choose the Hardware tab, then select Device Manager. Expand display adapters, then right click on NVidia Ge Force FX Go5200. C:\New Location) and select the nv4_that you copied there. Now choose “Install from a list or a specific location” and hit Next. Select Have Disk, then navigate to the location in step #6 (eg. When given the list of video cards, just scroll down and select Nvidia Ge Force FX Go5200 (there will be 2 listed, just choose the first one). Answer yes to all the warning dialogs, and after all the files are installed for the new drivers, reboot your machine.I had to manually change the display properties every single time I docked my laptop. In the past I’ve tried to update the drivers on my M200 with the direct download from, but I was always given an error during setup telling me that my graphic card was not supported. I stumbled upon this page which details how to update the drivers, but the instructions were all spread out in the comments, so here is a coherent set of instructions: 1.

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