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East vs West, NY vs LA, D&B vs Dubstep : DJ ODI "KING OF NY" vs 6BLOCC "KING OF LA".

Join us in an urban jungle to bear witness to the Dubstep VS Drum & Bass RUMBLE. Shortly after this he was hired by a Japanese sound design company to produce 2 sample cd's: DRUM AND BASS AMMO and HIP HOP AMMO; both were sold with the Roland SP-808 in Japan.

It was at these now-legendary parties that he gained his first residency, and began his career as one of America's most sought after jungle DJs. was traveling all over the world rocking crowds with his signature sound of urban jungle choonz and b-boy turntable tactics. When he isn't on the road or in the air flying to various clubs and events throught out the U. 6BLOCC is managing his digi-label DIGITAL 6 (available on __________________________________________________ _________ COMA [RIZO] [TRILL BASS] [SAVORY AUDIO] Coma, Los Angeles Producer and RIZO resident DJ, is a rare specimen who has rhythm tattooed to the invisible surface of his conscience.

Odi's talent and ability to please a crowd quickly gained him notoriety. Located at a dirty abandoned train station known as the Belmont Tunnel (Predator II was filmed here as well), the weekly gathering was the only place on the westcoast to hear the dark sounds of reinforced and suburban base records. His current endeavors into the realm of Dubstep have yielded a dynamic array of sounds.

Odi rapidly became a fixture, while continuing to travel the country, one of the first few to enjoy such popularity. began playing at major raves and underground events throughout the west coast. Comas remixes of artists such as T-Pain, The Yeah Yeah Yeah's and The Baby Namboos have put him on the map as a crafty up and coming producer.

His accomplishments as an innovator of urban music were further recognized in 1998, when Odi became the first jungle DJ to ever be accepted into the prestigious Zulu Nation, forever demolishing the barrier between hip hop and drum n bass. His music has also seen support from dance music luminaries such as Udachi, Trillbass, Mochipet, Noah D, Puppy Kicker and Bassism Records.

W: RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE DJ ODI VS 6BLOCC THE RIZO 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY EVENT Together As Weed 3: Rumble In The Jungle __________________________________________________ _________ 2 years ago in an exclusive underground warehouse THE RIZO got together to bring you one night of HERB and BASS, and held the first ever TOGETHER AS WEED.He began touring nationally in 1995; his immaculate sets packed dance floors everywhere with a party vibe that became synonymous with the DJ Odi name.. alongside Dj Curious and Dj Trance (Jason Blakemore) started L. The venue was kept dark with only one laser to keep the junglist listening and falling deeper into the music. Melodic hooks, sweeping breakdowns and wobbling bass lines have become ubiquitous characteristics of his style.His creative fusion of hip hop and early drum n bass rapidly gained popularity among DJs and producers, and it was through this fusion that Odi has been credited for the development of "hipstep" (a.k.a. In 97, Odi and his crew formed their own eponymous record label, Digital Konfusion, and began spinning at NYCs most dedicated weekly jungle show: Konkrete Jungle which is one of the most influential Jungle/Drum&Bass shows in the US. However, Coma carefully balances his driving, dance floor busting grooves with subtle audio edits and precision-crafted effects that provide an unsettling moodiness to his tracks.DJ Odi has performed all over the US dropping Drum&Bass, Jungle, and Jump UP beats, currently he is also experimenting in the rich sound of Dub Step. Coma has released tunes on Savory Audio, Open Circuit Recordings and recently recorded a DJ mix for R. Look out for Coma's remix of Wes Green's 'Fly Away' on TRi LLBASS Records, 'The Call' and 'My Addiction' along with remixes on Beyond Zilla Records and 'Summer's Fall' b/w 'Black Wood' on Dub Selection Records.His performances date back as far as 1989, when the 14 year old Harlem native began performing for various events in his neighborhood. Together they weaved an intricate tale of twisted breaks and evil winds over a relentless bassline that would pound the listener every 16 counts. The result is ANALOG CLASH, the first CD compilation / mix that features dubstep music from the Americas (north and south) as well as a remix from Vex'd.

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His musical interests took a new turn in 1992, when he began promoting for the NASA parties of New York City. So far it has sold over 3000 units within months of the release date!

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