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Types of teen dating violence

Statistics show youth violence is becoming a huge problem throughout the world.

The purpose of this website is to help educate the public on teenage violence issues; such as gang violence, school shootings, school bullying, anger issues, date rape, and more.

It may seem harmless to see your child engage in violent video games, watch movies with graphic violence or even play with toy guns, but the reality is that many teens learn violent behaviors from exposure to media and violent examples in the home.

According to school violence statistics, school shooting incidents have increased dramatically.

This article contains some statistics on school shootings, a profile of people who have participated in school shootings, and tips on what to do about school violence.

This article gives an overview of school violence statistics in the United States, including school shootings, fighting at school, bullying, and other forms of violence.

Keep reading for more information on school violence statistics, and how they may affect you.

Teen violence awareness is emphasized on the national and local levels by groups large and small, making teen violence a topic that teens and others have more information about and are equipped to deal with.

This article looks at different types of media and how each affects children including TV, the Internet, music, and video games. There are common risk factors that can be youth violence warning signs.See a list of warning signs that a child may become violent, some risk factors that increase the chance a teenager may participate in violence, also warning signs your teen is a victim of violence.Our goal is to help teens, families, and communites get the education and help they need to prevent teen violence.This site offers information on how to seek therapy or treatment for teens and families who are suffering from teen violence issues or abuse.By learning about the causes of teen violence and what each of us can do to help prevent this type of abuse we can help our communities be a safer place.

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Whether or not media and teen violence are related is a long debated issue.