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When I'm riding with my friends, they usually beat me to the top of the hills.

Can I swap out the gears on my bike to make it easier to climb?

You'll likely have to replace your whole crankset and chainrings, rather than replace the individual chainrings only, because the arrangement of the bolts that attach the chainrings to the crank arms is different for the two different chainring size ranges.In most cases, if your bike is relatively new, you won't have to replace your front derailer when converting from a standard double to a compact double.You do lose a couple of gears on the higher end, but unless you're a serious racer, most average riders don't miss those top gears.Road bikes with 3 chainrings are typically in the range of 52-42-30 or similar.Related article: 5 Tips: Climbing Hills Your chainrings are the set of (usually 2 or 3) gears closer to the front of your bike, attached to your crank arms and pedals.

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Smaller-diameter chainrings (or in other words, those with fewer teeth) correspond to easier pedaling; larger chaingrings mean harder pedaling.