Updating partition details in twrp

Posted by / 23-Apr-2016 10:02

Updating partition details in twrp

TWRP recovery let’s you do a number of cool stuff but the whole point of having a custom recovery is to be able to flash unsigned files.

These files could be anything from a custom kernel, boot, recovery, MODs or full custom ROMs.

I thought I would try the "Revisited CROMi-X-ET_v3.0-RC2" ROM as that allowed the f2fs file system and I wondered if that would be faster.

I installed TWRP version twrp-3.0.0-0-tf700t and did the install of the above rom using TWRP and choosing all the default options which reformatted some of the partitions to f2fs.

I then reinstalled TWRP using fastboot and a USB connection.

I have tried twrp-, twrp_tf700t_kang_2.8.7.4, and twrp-3.0.0-0-tf700t and all give error messages when I do a wipe, try to restore a previous backup or try to install a new ROM.

Some time ago I successfully unlocked my TF700 and installed one of the Cromi-X ROMs.

The machine wasn't improved that much and was still very slow with frequent messages asking if I wanted to wait for apps to respond or to close the app.

Let’s see how to flash a custom ROM on any Android device using TWRP recovery. Your device will now reboot with the custom ROM you just flashed.

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Since this will be the first reboot after flashing a new ROM, it might take some time to rebuild cache and finish boot, have patience.