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What app singpur sexchat

According to Singaporean police, this type of extortion scam, which often begins on Facebook or the rival social-networking site Tagged.com, increased nearly 500 percent over the past year.Fifty such incidents were reported in 2012, compared to 11 in 2011.Avoid befriending strangers online, and, as Graham Cluley at Sophos' Naked Security blog warns, be wary if they suddenly seem romantically interested.

But unbeknown to him, all of his actions are being recorded.

Once the woman, or the people she works for, has the compromising footage, she demands cash in exchange for not circulating the embarrassing footage.

[ How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of 'Sextortion' ] In this case, the blackmailer is a woman (possibly working with other people), and she just wants cash.

It's important to remember that one can never be 100 percent certain an individual is who they say they are online.

Men have been using webcams and compromising photos to prey on both women and men for years; Tech News Daily has reported on it several times.

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