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There was a moment when Jack decided to turn off the life support — you could see the pain in Jill’s eyes, worried about the little boy’s fate.

Even though Jill was aware that it was Billy’s wish to be allowed to be free of life support, she had a hard time coping with the thought of losing him. They can relate to that and the horror of the situation. I thought this is all very maudlin for the audience with this unrelenting grief.” Jess said it was important to the cast to mention Katherine Chancellor in their goodbyes to Billy.

audience has seen Walton grow, fight with Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) and fall in love multiple times.

One thing Jill has never wavered in was her love for her son, Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson).

Jill wanted her son alive and refused to give up hope he wouldn’t make a recovery.

Jill’s scenes a few weeks ago, fighting to keep her son alive after being told there was no hope for a recovery was heartbreaking.

sat down with Jess Walton and got her take on working with Jeanne Cooper, saying goodbye to Billy, and what is like to work with Tristan Rogers.

Jess thanked her fans for always standing by her, and to this day cannot believe the fan support for her alter ego, Jill. It brought up a decades-long battle between Jack (Peter Bergman) and Jill Abbott and how they both wanted to do what was best for Billy.

Jess explained that Jill (as most mothers in the same situation) couldn’t understand why Jack would agree to turn off the life support — even if that was Billy’s wishes.

That’s the thing about grief and death that those left behind believe that when their loved one passes they will be greeted by someone that they know and love.

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So, I think Jill was trying to comfort her son in that way.

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