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", a lesson they'll all learn in the most tragic of ways as Fisher, Kate and Dylan's family fortunes crumble.

Money really doesn't buy happiness, no matter how much they want it.

Vote up those ridiculous titles that you think are funny or silly or super clever, and vote down the lame ones that feel like TPTB were really just dialing it in.

In 2008, Fisher Miller (Ben Rosenfield), a young photography student, has a meeting with a wealthy businessman Mr.

The main role eventually went to Ben Rosenfield, with Gustin taking a supporting role.

Gregg Sulkin was latter cast as the film's Jay Gatsby character Dylan and Nicola Peltz was cast as Rosenfield's cousin, completing the main cast.

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List of the worst movie sequel titles ever greenlighted by studios, ranked from greatest to dumbest. Here's a fact for you: The first movie sequel ever made was a follow-up to the 1915 silent film The Birth of a Nation, called - aptly - ? Since the first time a production company realized it could capitalize on the success of a movie by making a second, worse movie, sequels have been given terrible names. Carson (Roger Rees) to help him get into art school, only to be told his work reflects the decline of a generation rather than its future hope, Carson laments this as he declares his generation are going out of business in a "fire sale".It then flashes back a month before the financial crash as Fisher moves in with his aunt Bunny and uncle Philip (Samantha Mathis and Steve Guttenberg) in Great Neck, New York, to escape his middle-class life for the mansions of the young, beautiful elite of Long Island's moneyed class.Central to his pursuit is the love of his former flame Kate, now dating the preppy Todd (Grant Gustin).

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Through Fisher's help, Dylan attempts to regain Kate's affection only for the triangle to come crashing down, just as the financial system around them, with devastating consequences for all those involved. Carson in the present, "what's the point of making all that money if you can't connect to the people that you love?

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  1. He also dated and later lived with Jack's daughter Kim, but the two of them separated after Jack's apparent death. Metropolitan Police Department's Police Academy and ERT Training Course, as well as the Special Forces Operations Training Course.