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Writes dating profiles for a fee

The demand is what you make it; you must be involved, network (online and in person) and spread the word yourself.

There are over 7,000 to 8,000 people searching for someone to write their Linked In profile in the U. You need to be expert at what you’re helping the client with, but you don’t need to only write profiles.It can be an entry point into your clients’ businesses—a way to build trust with a small, lower-risk project.It is important to make sure your client understands that creating a profile or doing a profile makeover is not going to change their business.The Linked In profile is very valuable and essential, but they must be engaged and actively participate online for it to work. While a profile may take 3-5 hours to write, Victoria likes to tell clients 5-7 business days.Even though much of the conversation about Linked In revolves around drumming up business leads or new jobs, there’s an opportunity for business writers that’s not often discussed: writing profiles for Linked In members.

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Who in the world would pay a writer to write their profile? Not only do they pay handsome fees for this work, but it can also become a great way to build trust and land additional projects.

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