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Some may feel they have waited too long and don’t know how to show up now. In an age in which celebrities are worshiped, and the acquisition of material wealth is considered to be the largest measure of success, there is something different about you. I only had to meet the Diviney family once to have it all click for me.

Then just like all the other news cycles, some other tragedy took its place and most everyone, except Ryan and his family, moved on. T, you don’t need to worry” and then he would have looked at me with a wink of whimsy in his eye. Ryan had game; he was a charmer, handsome, and funny. Ken has given Ryan a chance at recovery that he otherwise would not have had. Neither the constant fatigue nor body aches nor sorrowful moments will interfere with his pursuit of progress for Ryan. I remember this story on the national news about 5 years ago, and some of you might as well. I imagine that Ryan would have said, “I’ll be okay, Mrs. His eyes seemed closed and sunken, his arms and legs outstretched and tight – tighter than you can imagine – tight enough to break bone if therapy were not already underway. I read the article Ryan, I know What You’re Thinking, about Ken reluctantly going through Ryan’s computer — how he was a good kid — and it made me angry, to be honest. So I told her to tell daddy night-night and that she loved him and she would see him later. I had someone take her out of the room, and when the room cleared so I could have a moment alone with him. Rich or poor, beautiful or ugly, serious or silly, introverted or extraverted, young or old, all of you have one thing in common – when you see another person in need, you care. I waited untill the life support was cut off so she would think her daddy is sleeping. I tried to keep memory alive; I tried to fight those who would forget. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. Since sharing my story of my traumatic brain injury with you I’ve received many kind messages.

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There is so much injustice & suffering crying out for our attention. I was so shocked and thrilled that people were inspired by my story!

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