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You2dating com

There's also this senior colleague of ours, whom i know has been wooing my girl for a long time.I had started considering settling down with her and was about telling her of my plans to take her to meet my parents when surprisingly she sent me a text message that she slept with our senior colleague!She told me that she couldn't keep it to herself any longer and that it all happened when i was away for about 6 weeks on official training. am just confused because i have deep feelings for her and i've always known her to be a good girl.please i need advise because i cant stand the fact that the gist will eventually fly around the office that the other guy, who is a known play boy has slept with my woman!!/ My Girlfriend Confessed She Had Sex With Her Roommate / She Slept With My Best Friend (1) (2) (3) (4) What am about to illustrate here happened to me live!

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You need sit her down and have a serious discussion with her.