Young women dating men cerebral palsy

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Young women dating men cerebral palsy

“When there were 20 people inside and more outside who couldn’t fit in, they realized how many people were looking for something like this. Right “Most of our clients have physical disabilities ranging from mild CP to blindness to people in wheelchairs,” Groner says.Spread the Word• Email this article to friends or colleagues• Share this article on Facebook or Twitter• Write about and link to this article on your blog• Local relevancy?Send this article to your local press She is one of about 40 Israeli singles who attend monthly events sponsored by Inbar, a four-year-old national organization that creates opportunities for social integration and skills development for marriage between adults with disabilities.Haifa resident Liat Mansfeld, 37, is a social worker who counsels at-risk girls and teaches in Oranim College.Despite her impressive credentials, she has not found her soul mate through dating websites and matchmakers.“That night they sent out emails to everyone in their personal distribution lists asking if anyone was interested in starting a social group for people with disabilities,” Groner tells ISRAEL21c.“The next morning, Shalomi’s phone started to ring, and it didn’t stop.” They advertised a meeting in someone’s accessible apartment.It is also a play on the surname of Rabbi Shaul Inbari, 46, who was born with severe cerebral palsy and wrote a book on disabilities in Jewish law.

Most likely, that’s because Mansfeld happens to be blind.

“People are very afraid of someone with differences,” she says.

“Israel is a very family-oriented society,” says Director Laurie Groner.

“While society is increasingly welcoming to those with disabilities, the challenges of social inclusion they face grow exponentially as their able-bodied friends marry and settle into the routine of family life.” Groner, a non-profits professional with training in marriage therapy, says as far as she knows there is nothing quite like Inbar in Israel or abroad.

Inbar is Hebrew for amber, a substance that looks and feels like rock but is actually fossilized tree resin.

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This illusion is a metaphor for the members of Inbar, whose disabilities present a picture that fails to reveal what is in their hearts.